About Us

We Strive for Success

Mhc's mission is to work with healthcare professionals and those in the wider healthcare sector to develop new and more sophisticate channels of communication. This, we believe, will result in accelerated business growth on one hand and significant improvements in the patient experience interacting with care providers


How We Started

Little over 7 years ago medicalhealthcare.co.uk was launched as a portal to provide UK patients information on treatments abroad, both privately and through the NHS.

Over the years, the portal went through many iterations and in early 2017 it was decided that the medicalhealthcare.co.uk  portal was to be used as a directory and aggregation network  for Hospitals, Clinics. This was to be the first major step in developing a sophisticated and user-friendly platform where patients and care providers could communicate and share information with ease.

Mhc Digital

Inline with our medicalhealthcare.co.uk pltform, we are combing over 8 years of digital marketing experience, specifically web optimisation, SEO, PPC, Paid Social, under the umbrella of Mhc Digital Limited. Mhc's mission is to work with ambitious healthcare services to grow their businesses through our directory platform and broader digital marketing initiatives.

Next Steps...

To lean more about Mhc digital and register you service on the Mhc Directory please contact us!