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MhcDigital is a highly experienced digital marketing agency specialising in Paid Media. Since its initial service offering, MhcDigital has successfully collaborated with many well established brands and has executed multimillion-pound campaigns across a variety of industries.

Digital marketing for all

While technology makes it easier for businesses to advertise online, it also poses new challenges to overcome. The collection of large quantities of data, evolution of performance metrics and the reliance on automation requires a scientific approach to deliver long term sustainable results. As such we have opened our doors to businesses of sizes and budgets, and are happy to share our knowledge and experiences all who need it.

We offer paid advertising services across search and social platforms, with a particular focus on ROI. Our services are ideal for brands looking to improve the efficiency of their campaigns and grow their marketing activity.

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Our Approach

Brand Immersion

This allows us to get a better understanding of the business and its key objectives, which we can translate into realistic marketing goals and measure performance against KPIs.


Taking learnings from the brand immersion and combining it with market and competitor research, our team of experts will deliver a strategy which will achieve your ROI and CPA goals.


Our approach, developed over 10 years, allows us to use our experience and expertise to implement highly developed strategies and techniques, frequently used by market leading brands.


The foundation of any successful campaign is optimisation. With continuous data analysis and a thorough testing plan we will ensure your campaigns never go stale and are always improving.

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